Friday, December 05, 2003

Hollywood Cheapskates

Hey, don't call them cheap ... call them thrifty. This week's Star Magazine reports on some of the thriftiest Hollywood stars. Despite the millions they make on film and in Japanese commercials, celebrities cannot shake off the american thrift of their unmonied youth:

"When Julia Roberts wed Danny Moder at her ranch in Taos, N.M., in 2002, the Mona Lisa Smile star relied on Wal-Mart and Ace hardware for last-minute decorating supplies, including a $150 wood porch swing and about $200 for additional plants. The food was down-home as well: Hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob and coleslaw rounded out the menu. Julia's thrifty with her wardrobe. In February, when Julia fell in love with a vintage dress at a second-hand store in Santa Fe, N.M., she bartered her jeans to buy it!"

Can you imagine her pal Denzel Washington noshing on coleslaw? Me neither; by the way what is noshing anyway?

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