Monday, December 22, 2003

Enrique and Kournikova: It's Over

In the beginning was the herpes rumor. During Enrique Iglesias's Escape video, rumors flew. But Enrique Iglesias, like a gentleman, brushed them off, telling UK reporter Julie Goodhand:

"There are stories about how I wouldn't kiss (Anna Kournikova) in the video because she had herpes on her lips. They are all rubbish."

They were indeed, but it appears that now he won't be kissing the Slavic beauty as that significant cultural artifact National Enquirer reports that they are no longer an item. Done deal: Finito ... (The Corsair makes a 'surfer dude' hand signal) call me Anna (he slowly, earnestly puts his fingers to his ear) ... call me?

The singer's PR people refused to answer the Enquirer's questions for the story. (Actually, I can't blame them on this one)

The Enquirer writes, "When Today host Katie Couric probed Enrique Iglesias, 28, on Nov. 25 about his on/off romance with tennis babe Anna Kournikova, 22, he stammered, 'We're, we're cool.'"

Iglesias seems to not have given up on a Donald Trumpian taste for Eastern European cuisine, if you get the snarky drift. Iglesias went in for a Kournikova look-alike to chase the holiday blues away.

The story continues: "(Iglesias) was recently spotted making out with 25-year-old Croatian model Monika Jakisic at a London nightclub. 'Yes, I was with Enrique,' Monika reportedly has admitted. 'He's a lovely man, but I don't want to comment on his personal life.'

'Enquiring" minds want to know.

... And now they do.

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