Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Vanity Fair's Plame Game

The most famous spy in the world, Valerie Plame, shows up in, of all places, jet set bible and doctor's office staple, Vanity Fair.

When she's not hobnobbing with Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn, our "Jane Doe" is speaking with Vanity Fair writer Vicky Ward .

The slim, sharp white-blond Jaguar driving fortysomething "secret agent" must have cut quite a figure in Niger. Like nobody would ever peg her as a spy: ancient Chinese secret, huh?

But Valerie is a tasty dish in an older woman kind of way. She is indeed our favorite "yellow cake" ... our favorite ... cheesecake! Ha ha! We couldn't resist the urge.

Note to the CIA: People who look like they have just walked out of the pages of Lisa Birnbach's Official Preppy Handbook stick out like a sore thumb doing cloak and dagger wqrk in Third World Countries. At the Ugandan embassy, where I spent much of my childhood, we had a whole species of jokes about how conspicuous CIA agents were in Kampala.

I must now relate some words by R Kelly: Hey, Valerie, keep it on the down low ... aint nobody has to know.

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