Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: Bubba and Poppy's Excellent Adventure. In this age of partisan rancor and bitchery, the surprising friendship that has sprouted between "Bubba" and "Poppy" (the 41st and 42nd Presidents of the United States, respectively) -- former political enemies -- is refreshing. We even hear that Bush 41 actually calls him "Bubba" in private. Says The AP (link via DrudgiePoo):

"Bill Clinton joined his one-time political foe, former President George H.W. Bush, for a boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean after attending a book-signing Monday.

"Clinton was seen kneeling to pet a dog when he arrived at Walker's Point, the summer home of George and Barbara Bush on Maine's rocky coast. Later, Clinton and Bush waved to onlookers as they boated up and down a river before roaring into the ocean for a short ride in Bush's three-engine boat.

"The 1992 election rivals became good friends when they led fund-raising as part of the relief effort for victims of the Asian tsunami. Bush extended the invitation after learning that Clinton would be in Maine for a book signing."

Is The Corsair the only one who thinks this is -- dare I say this of former leaders of the free world? -- "cute"?


(image via Lauraholder)

Out: John Currin, Sham. One would think that Vogue would embody the highest standards of aesthetic taste, no? The percentage of Conde Nasties on the Vogue masthead with private liberal arts degrees in Art History from excellent and frosty New England campuses must be formidable indeed. Then, why -- with all those resources at the ready -- does Anna Wintour err so catastrophically with regards to matters of taste? (Averted Gaze)

To wit, Faran Krentcil in Fashionweekdaily:

"British supermodel Lily Cole studied art history in school, and now the 17 year-old is living her lessons in this month�s Vogue. Her centerfold for DeBeers Diamonds features the dreamy-eyed redhead posing in three Renaissance paintings: Diana the Huntress, The Seduction of Eve, and The Birth of Venus, all embellished with scores of DeBeers diamonds.

"Flip 20 pages to Anna Wintour�s 'letter from the editor' for her comparison of Lily�s photographs to 'something resembling a John Currin.'�

John Fucking Currin?! That contemporary scam? John Currin is awful. John Currin's "artwork" is so bad it makes The Corsair want to flail his fists. Now, if Anna had compared the photographs immodestly to, say, the ethereal Sandro Botticelli, a sharp Vermeer, or even the delicate forms of Luca Penni. But, no. Anna wanted to be "hip," and "au courante," and, in the process, overlooked the immortal Old Masters in favor of a busty Young Mistress. For shame. Vogue should have had better taste in the matter. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)


(image via wanadoo)

Out: Liz Hurley, Temptress. What the fuck is wrong with Liz Hurley? Though her own oily quest to marry a multi-millionaire appears to exist in a nebulous, galactic stalled zone (Arun Nayer isn't divorced yet and his wife is fighting), that doesn't mean Liz has proprietary rights to fuck up her fellow seedy Euro-grifter Hugh Grant's chances at spending a leisurely, if wasted, life sipping fizzy drinks on the Riviera. Why does she have to fuck up Hugh Grant's shit? You see (The Corsair arches an eyebrow, getting gossipy), according to the 3AM Girls:

"HUGH Grant and girlfriend Jemima Khan had an amazing bust-up after his ex Liz Hurley grabbed his hand and started sucking his finger at a party.

"Guests were gobsmacked as Liz, 40, performed her saucy mock seduction during Sir Elton John's White Tie and Tiara bash at his Windsor mansion last Thursday.

"And her late-night horseplay did not go down well with 31-year-old millionaire Jemima, who was disgusted by the display and stormed off cursing Hugh.

"Our spy says: 'Jemima was furious. Liz was flirting with Hugh all night. Her boyfriend Arun Nayer was there but was oblivious to it.

"We couldn't believe it when she grabbed Hugh's hand and started sucking his finger suggestively. Even if it was just a laugh you could see how uncomfortable Jemima was.

"'Everyone was stunned by Liz's behaviour. Jemima just turned on her heel and stalked off.'
Hugh, 44 - who has been dating Jem for a year since the mum-of-two split from her husband, Pakistani cricket hero Imran Khan - tried to beg forgiveness but she was having none of it.

"'He raced after her but Jemima was not in a forgiving mood.

"'She kept shouting at him: 'F*** off'. He kept coming back for more and she ended up telling him three times to 'f*** off'.

"'He was looking dead sheepish. He must have had a hell of a lot of crawling to do.'"

Poor fucking Hugh Grant. By our scientific reckoning he has spent 60 percent of the past decade groveling before his women. P.S: Liz Hurley's a Jinx!


(image via todaysseniorsnetwork)

In: Lott Versus Santorum. Hott damn, this is going to be better than Dynasty. Apparently, Senator Trent Lott -- a man who has never lost a Republican leadership election in Congress -- is keen on taking on his former ally Rick Santorum for the number 2 spot in the party. Nothing personal, Rick, it's just bidness. According to TheHill:

"Sen. Trent Lott is considering a return to the GOP leadership � the culmination of a multiyear effort to rehabilitate his image after being forced to resign his post as majority leader. Lott has set his sights on the job of party whip � the No. 2 job in the GOP leadership � a position expected to be won without opposition by GOP Conference Chairman Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) if Santorum wins reelection.

" ... Asked whether he would seek the whip�s job, Lott told The Hill last week, 'I might, but I hope it�s Rick.'

"Senate GOP aides say Lott has already begun gauging his level of support in the conference, although several declined to comment because of the sensitivity of the matter.

"Although successful runs for leadership often involve years of advance planning, Lott�s willingness to discuss his ambition openly is an unusual breach of Senate protocol, since it could undermine Santorum by suggesting that he is vulnerable. Santorum helped provide a soft landing for Lott when Lott had to give up his leadership post, agreeing to relinquish the chairmanship of the Rules Committee, which he would have chaired by seniority."

Treachery among friends? Or, good, old fashioned competition-as-arbiter-of-the-best-result?


LoveTheException said...

I think it was love at first site when they both saw each other in matching blue blazers on Superbowl Sunday. I'll avoid the easy-as-pie blue dress reference....

PrissyPatriot said...

Coarse, but funny. I like your site! Prissy

Gabs said...

*love* when the corsair gets gossipy!!

The Corsair said...

And The Corsair loves to get gossipy, my darling gabsmash.

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