Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mailer: The Blog


(image via Page Six via AP)

Jay Rosen of PressThink (link via Poynter) brings up the curious proposition of a Norman Mailer blog. If Mailer was one of the progenitors of The New Journalism, why not have at the New, New Journalism, namely: blogs? We are duly intrigued by the possibilities. Says Rosen:

"Mailer wrote that at the Huffington Post May 17th. He also said: 'I'm beginning to see why one would want to write a blog.' This was a change of heart. In a December, 2002 interview he was asked if he 'did' the Internet. 'I don�t,' Mailer said. 'That would use up what I have left.'"

Quite the contrary, Normie. Who is more Pan-passionate than The Mailman? Mailer is suffused with "lifeforce." Why, he has been married 6 times and has 9 children! Norm's sentences have an arch-epic quality about them.

Lifeforce is not a zero sum game, especially in someone as energetic as Mailer. But what would a Norman Mailer blog look like, per se? Hmmm:

Ancient Bloggings! posted by 'Norm' on Mon June 27 2005 at 09:00 PDT

Crude thoughts and fierce forces are my state. If only that Michiko Kakutani would get off my pockmarked, writerly ass about that "threefer" remark. I was being glib. Now, as if by magic, PEN America is threatening censure. And, to my consternation, I am one of the last people living who presently actually gives a zipless fuck what PEN thinks. Critics! Extinctus Amabitur Idem!

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Polymorphous Perversity Posted by Normie on Mon June 28 2005 at 14:22 PDT

Angelina Jolie is positively fucky. Just thought I'd throw that out there and let it marinate. I wonder if some sucker American publisher would allow me to do a 6-figure book on her, a la the book/blowjob I did on Marilyn? No. No one's that clueless. Is Harold Evans still at Random House? I wonder.

Ever since my ex wife Adele revealed that I once made passionate love to an African-American transsexual, I have felt liberated to the nth degree. I no longer require that my wives learn to make my eggs and the odd afternoon tuna fish sandwich from my Mother.

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First Lady Posted by Normie on Mon May 9 2005 at 14:22 PDT

Bill Clinton and I both shared my wife, Norris Church. That makes us, I believe the term is: "Eskimo Brothers," after a fashion. I was the better lay. But then, she'd have to say that, no? Just thought I'd share.

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(S)wine said...

Ok, ok...I feel like a fool bringing in Tim Russert once again into this, but I once did a show with him during which he had Norman Mailer as guest for the entire hour. Tim waited until two minutes before wrapping to unleash the following question:

"Of the novels you've written, the wives to whom you've been married, and your children...which was the hardest?"


Mailer tried hard but he just smiled and conceded.


The Corsair said...

Russert and Mailer?! Damn, I missed that one.

(S)wine said...

long time ago--perhaps '99 on Russert's CNBC show.