Monday, June 13, 2005

Prince William's Geography (Zzz) Degree


All those untold centuries of moist inbreeding in musty wine cellars have not, apparently, impaired the neural synapses of HRH William. No, the successive histories of romantic "cousin love" 'gainst the Rembrandt in the Orange room by firelight (Sigh) did not entirely obliviate the possibility of an intelligent offspring. According to those glorious royalfuckers at Hello!Magazine:

"Prince William out-achieved other members of the royal family yesterday, receiving a 2:1 in his geography Master of Arts degree from St Andrews."

Zzzzzzzzz ...

"'William got an upper second class honours,' confirmed a Clarence House spokesperson. 'He's delighted. Everyone is absolutely delighted. His father is very proud.' The 22-year-old prince pipped the academic record of other members of the royal family, including his father Prince Charles, who received a 2:2, or lower second class honours degree, in history from Trinity College, Cambridge.

"William's uncle, Prince Edward, earned a similar grade in the same subject as a student at Jesus College, Cambridge. Like other students at the prestigious Scottish university, the 22-year-old Prince logged on to a website to find out the results of his MA, for which he'd written a 10,000-word dissertation on the coral reefs of Rodrigues."

10,000 words on the coral reefs of Rodrigues, you say. Boring as that sounds, those coral reefs are probably a hundred thousand times more interesting a subject than the similarly marginally sentient Claudia Schiffer.


Anonymous said...

Ron: when did you do that Claudia interview?

The Corsair said...

Like 5 years ago, Case, but I can remember it like it was yesterday it was so bad. I had to really fluff it up.