Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


Above: Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia to Brian Snyder and K.C. Mercier: "Ah, the juice of a Uruguayan peasant farmer ... vintage ... 1977. Complex. The signature 'terroir' gave it away." (image via NYSocialDiary)


Above: "... Cuff him ... and stuff him, Sarg!" (image via Hello!Magazine)


Above: "Listen to me, people, and listen carefully. The so-called "Laugh Factory" is secretly harnessing your mirth for CIA experiments and outer space transmissions involving aluminum foil and the misleading malt liquor beverage known as "Champale"! I'm serious! Listen to me!"


Above: A postmodern conceptual installation piece entitled, 'Paris, Latsis and Plastic.' Viewers are invited to guess who is real and who is constructed of polymers.

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