Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pete Doherty: Back on The Crack Rock


(image via Thisislondon)

Supermodel Kate Moss' ex-junkie boyfriend and alleged fiance is not such the ex-junkie after all. Evidently, Pete Doherty still sucks occasionally on the glass dick. He must be trying Chris Rock's extra special mouth watering spicy "recipe." (Spoiler -- sotto voce: Add lactose) According to the 3AM Girls:

"The Babyshambles singer is apparently smoking the highly addictive crack cocaine again - despite claiming that it was all in his past."

Not only that, he's weak in between the sheets. And, as we all know, an all-crack diet can only lead to the unfortunate inner-city-after-3AM-condition known as "the concave crack 'ho ass." (Averted Gaze) Sad that this should be happening to Kate, who just yesterday collected her style icon award. And crack addiction is so 80s.

"... Pete's continued use of crack came to light during an interview he gave to NME during the recent Homelands festival in Winchester in which he also claims that he tried to smuggle crack 'rocks' on to a plane. In the end, cooler heads than Pete's prevailed and he dumped his contraband."

Smoking crack rock during an interview with a major music magazine. Priceless, true; but also indicative of being batshit crazy. That's a real catch, Kate.

"The music mag reveals that Pete had an argument with his manager James Mullord, whom he accused of hiding his crack pipe.

"Pete is said to have screamed: 'I know you've got it. I KNOW YOU'VE GOT IT.'"

Shh. No all caps when The Corsair is so hung over. And things were looking so good, too. Local police recently stopped him and he was found to be clean.

"The mag reported: 'A pipe is swiftly constructed and then an argument breaks out about whether Pete should smoke crack in front of NME.' Needless to say, the dope lit up ..."

Why is Pete so argumentative and moody about his crackrock? First his manager, now this. Is being a "moody crack fiend," we wonder, anything like being an angry drunk?

"Later, when discussing his mood, Pete says he managed to get over his stage fright by smoking joints rolled for him by 31-year-old Kate.

"Asked what helps him chill out he says: 'My girlfriend made me a spliff out of a tampon tube. Since then it has been all right.'

Nothing spells loving like enabling your junkie boyfriend. The full story here.

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