Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: Sadie Frost. There is a delicious melancholy that hangs about Sadie Frost. (The plinkety-plonk of a Pleyel harpsichord) It is her atmosphere and she wears it exceedingly well. Rarely does one ever come across the odd photo of Sadie in a moment of explosive laughter. That's not her style. And yet, we're told, she threw a swishy 40th birthday party with -- get this -- a Bugsy Malone theme. How cool is that?

Better yet, no crackheads allowed. According to the 3AM Girls:

"WHEN it came to celebrating her 40th birthday Sadie Frost wasn't taking any chances on anyone ruining her big night.

"The actress-turned-fashion designer banned best pal Kate Moss's druggie boyfriend Pete Doherty from attending her lavish Bugsy Malone-themed bash because she was scared he'd spoil the festivities.

"As a result, grumpy Kate arrived on her own and spent most of the night at the Belsize Tavern in North London sitting in a corner with a female mate. And that wasn't the only thing that put a downer on the supermodel's night.

"She was also fuming when she discovered that Lisa Moorish, Pete's old flame and mother of his son, was at the party.

"An insider tells us: 'Sadie and Kate are the best of friends but Sadie was just very wary in case Pete's druggie antics spoiled the night. After all, just the other day he was thrown off a yacht for smoking crack.

"She's all for everyone having a good time, but some people just go too far."

I know. "Beaming up" on a yacht. Damned cheek! More.

Out: Steve Florio. It took a day, but the Conde Nasties are responding -- off the record, of course -- to the Times on Florio's gauche management-dish memoir. According to The Old Gray Lady:

"Less than a month ago, Steven T. Florio insisted that he was not writing a tell-all memoir about his exploits as chief executive at Conde Nast, the New York magazine empire.

"'That would be so beneath me,' he told The Daily News. 'I have no desire to write a dishy book; I give you my word as a gentleman. I would never betray any of my colleagues.'"


"But it appears that Mr. Florio, now vice chairman of Advance Publications, which owns Conde Nast, is steeped in writing just such a book.

"The book, titled 'Managing the Gods,' is close to being sold to Crown Publishers and is being co-written with Jim Jerome, a former writer for People magazine, according to industry executives with knowledge of the sale.

"The manuscript would be due in December and would be published next fall, executives said, just before Mr. Florio is expected to retire.

"... Executives at Conde Nast had no public comment, but two executives who insisted on anonymity said that they were disgusted by what Mr. Florio was writing and baffled as to why he was doing it."


(image via Fashionweekdaily)

In: Camilla Fayed. Choosing a fellow jet-setter as an assistant to the icy Vogue editrix is a wise pimp move. First, they don't need the money, so the possibilities of blabbing are nil. Second, Jet setters don't blab about one another in in public; they do so in private, luridly, over bottles of Mumms. Thus, a fellow jet setter as assistant minimizes the chances of another louche Devil Wears Prada incident. (Averted Gaze) According to fashionweekdaily:

"After months of searching, Anna Wintour's latest assistant has been found. According to today's Page Six, Conde Nast chose to eschew its usual slew of Ivy Leaguers this time, in favor of international jet-setter Camilla Fayed, the daughter of Harrod's owner Mohamed.

"This isn't Camilla's first fashion stint. In March 2004, she interned at British Vogue, and told The Evening Standard, 'Ultimately, I would like to take over the fashion department at Harrods you know, look after the PR and marketing there. It's all one big learning curve at the moment, though, and I'm happy to start at the bottom.'

"A good thing, too, considering her job at 4 Times Square includes fetching coffee, answering phones, and organizing Anna's travel schedule."


(image via gentiuno)

Out: InsecticideGate. FishbowlNY posts forbidden transcript of Fox News mogul Roger Ailes' meeting on InsecticideGate, aftercomplainedcopmplained about the "power spraying":

"A couple of months ago, we had a report, and I've got some HR people who may know more than I do here about what happened, but a couple of months ago we got a report about bugs in the tech lounge."

The Democratic Party? The rat bastards!

".. And that night a maintenance guy went down and sprayed along the edges of the walls and we had one of the technicians a few days later said that they had gone out and sought medical attention for this. This person is fine and now back to work and that is the only complaint we received.

" ... This Internet report even went so far as to say that one of our producers had a baby with Down's Syndrome. That is simply not true. We had a woman who was concerned about an amnio, and it turned out the baby was born fine, very healthy."

A Down's Sydrome baby?! WTF?!


(image via tnrip)

In: Congressman Tom Tancredo. As The Corsair predicted (third item), Tom Tancredo (link via wonkette) is in the running for 2008. Our crystal ball is quite clear. Everything is proceding exactly as The Corsair has forseen, namely: a) Tancredo will run in the Republican primaries, b) Tancredo will siphon off votes from Frist, inadvertently helping McCain win the nod, c) The Southwest immigration issue will become the number one issue in the Republican primaries, and, d) Tancredo will ultimately drop out, declaring victory that his issue was adopted on the Republican platform at the '08 convention. (Incidentally, Bill Richardson, a border state Governor, will make this a major issue in the Democratic Party as well, as he goes after the Western states while Hillary and Evan Bayh bruise each other over the Eastern seaboard and California) 2008 will be all about Southwestern Immigration, The Corsair predicts. Now, see if The Corsair is right.

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