Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vin Sleazle?


(image via blogger)

After the allegations that Vin Diesel is a wet, sloppy kisser (eew), we thought we had heard it all. We're not against a spot of Californication, mind you. But the racially ambiguous action star Vin Diesel is abusing his A-List priviledges, methinks. Oddly, Cin Adams gets the scoop. And here we thought she only hung out and ate cruddites with deposed Third World dictators and shit. That Cin, always with the surprise! According to Cindy Adams:

"VIN DIESEL. Born in '67. Plays rough trade characters. Running hot. And off-screen, lives a young and hot badass lifestyle. Being he's New York-born, I'm not knocking him, understand, just commenting.

"Take one recent affair at his nifty-looking L.A. home. Now maybe this is the norm and it happens at all his parties. Maybe this was the absolutely only one like this he's ever thrown. I don't know. I only know one of his guests told me about it.

"All women. Every guest, female. Every single, solitary person admitted was female. No guys � at all � except for his sumo-sized security guards.

"A newie to the scene, there mostly because she'd heard about his house and wanted to see it, felt uncomfortable. She eyed what she thought were hookers. Not knowing what was coming down, she scooted early.

"As she left a guard smiled and said: 'Not your type party, right?'"

Classy. Then again, for Vin Diesel, a former "bouncer" (Averted Gaze), standards of taste must be suspended.


Allison Bojarski said...

Guess he's doing his best to dispel the gay rumours...

The Corsair said...

I'm curious why he needed security. though.