Monday, June 13, 2005

Candace Bushnell Describes "Bozack" as "Small..."


(image via theage)

Candace Bushnell has such wonderful euphemisms for the "wenis." In fact, Candy's cunning linguistics suggest more than just a passing familiarity on the subject (Averted Gaze). In "Sex and the City" there was, to be sure, "Mr. Big." Now, in her latest scribblings she inadvertently (?) makes another funny at the alleged expense of Conde Nast magnate Si Newhouse. According to Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, Newhouse is one "Walter Bozack" in Lipstick Jungle."

While we wouldn't deign to presume that Upper East Side party girl Candace Bushnell knew the early 90s street slang for "Bozack," this story from Lloyd Grove was disgustingly intriguing:

"Bushnell - whose model for 'Sex and the City's' Mr. Big was said to be former Conde Nast exec Ron Galotti - describes Bozack as 'small and uncannily rodent like.'"

(Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Grove continues:

"Nobody I talked to about Bushnell's satire would agree to be quoted by name, but one prominent magazine editor told me: 'Very few people are brave enough to describe a certain magazine magnate quite so accurately.'"

Oh dear. Not a savvy career move. We didn't say it.

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