Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Naomi Campbell and ... "Downtown" Willie Brown?


Above: Brioni-clad, stinking little political fixer, "Downtown" Willie Brown shows off his specially-designed "stomach pants." (image via sfgate)

We are vexed. Naomi Campbell has a lot of political friends (Nelson Mandela comes to mind). Don't ask us why this is thus. The Corsair supposes that there are social advantages to both parties. The politician gets to associate with one of the great beauties of our age (cool points which cannot be bad for the electorate), while Naomi gets to be seen as politically engaged and somewhat intellectual by association. Everyone makes out like bandits.

But the strangest Naomi "alliance" is the one Cindy Adams describes today between the mannequin and corrupt former San Francisco Mayor, "Downtown" Willie Brown:

"Naomi Campbell moved on to San Fran's ex-mayor Willie Brown. He's now a lawyer. For Naomi, he better be a rich lawyer."

He is, and he is one of the best dressed men in the world, besides. Granted, the Flavio Briatore thingie proved that Naomi is not averse to a tumble in the sheets with an older man, but this cannot possibly be a romantic link. There's just no way. This is worse than her "moist fling" with Mike Tyson. He's way too old for her. And he is even sleazier than Tommy Lee. But last week the San Francisco Examiner weighed in:

"Supermodel Naomi Campbell is back in town for a few days. So who's she hanging out with? Why, Willie Brown, of course. � The two had lunch together Friday at Le Central. � And then again on Saturday. �"

Altogether now: Eeeew.

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