Friday, June 24, 2005

Maureen Orth on the Jacko Trial


(Koons via thinkquest)

Maureen "Mo Money" Orth gives us a highly idiosyncratic exposition of the Jacko trial at, along with the requisite graphic representation of Simian evacuation:

"I have been chronicling Jackson's downward spiral for 12 years and have sat in the courtroom for most of the trial. Even though the case is constantly in the press even re-enacted daily on E! Entertainment Television there are sinister parts of it that were designed to influence the jury without their knowledge. A host of sleazy characters have surrounded the tarnished icon, and his world is full of dark undercurrents. We saw 135 witnesses from stand-up comics to a maid who had to scrub the feces of Bubbles, the pet chimpanzee, off Jackson's bedroom walls."

(A considerable and maudlinlin pause followed by the sound of a low whistle) Yes, well, abuse of immigrant labor is a compelling story angle and all, if you go in for that sort of thing (Averted Gaze), but Sex sells, Mo, not tales of animal feces tossed at great velocity. You see, we would've went after the "Joe Jackson shot Bubbles because he found him in bed with his son" angle. Sex -- bestiality, to be precise -- and animal cruelty. It's a twofer, as Norman Mailer might say.

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Anonymous said...

hey ron. i like what you write. will be back. robyn

(S)wine said...

Why is it no one ever mentions that Maureen is Tim Russert's wife? I mean, EVER. I've met her a few times and thought her quite disagreeable; but perhaps she was having bad days. In any case, she seems to not advertise her marriage to Tim too much.