Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"(Snoop Dogg) Beat Me Like A Slave"


Above: Snoop Dogg's entourage relieve an errant stage jumper of his consciousness. (image via MSNBC)

So, we were watching the video footage of the brawl where Snoop Dogg's entourage deliver what can only be properly construed as a "proper ass-whipping with all the trimmings" to this guy who popped up on stage during a concert. As Snoop is singing and sipping Alize merrily, said individual suddenly hops onto the stage, strolls over and loops a lithe arm around Snoop's shoulder as if they were each others' boys.

Bad idea.

Snoop Dogg never struck us as the type of guy who welcomed friendly advances from gentlemen while working onstage and sipping at the pimp juice. The Alize spilled quite poetically, and time froze for a second; suddenly, like clockwork -- orange? -- a thuggish member of Snoop's entourage entered the fray with bad intentions in his "bowlegged" step.

A well-placed haymaker to the "breadbasket" briskly dropped the amiable duff on his rear. After he fell, the entourage proceeded to kick and pummel him, godspeeding him on his journey to a deep and meaningful slumber.

To add insult to injury, they proceeded to rob him. The Corsair shits you not. It is precisely as The Corsair has said. Onstage. On camera. In front of thousands. They robbed his hapless ass. Allegedly. Damned cheek!

Then the footage stopped. According to the AP:

"King County sheriffs deputies are investigating a concertgoer's claim that he was severely beaten onstage during a performance by Snoop Dogg at the White River Amphitheatre.
Richard Monroe, 24, said performers had encouraged him to climb on the stage at Saturday's concert at the amphitheater near Auburn, which also featured The Game.

"Some performers and others on the stage kicked and punched him, poured alcohol on him, ripped out his diamond earrings and stole his watch, cell phone and wallet, Monroe said.

"'They beat me like a slave,' he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 'It's horrible. They just went too far.'"

The Corsair sees courtroom appearances and oily Cochran-like legal persona's surrounding young Richard Monroe, aged 24. A bit of advice from one who is somewhat media-savvy and aware of how certain words ring in the mind. Lose the "slave" line. It makes The Corsair want to rule in favor of Snoop right off the bat, ab initio.


(S)wine said...

mean-spiritedness be damned, I had to laugh at the poor sap being robbed onstage.

slyboots2 said...

Shall we call this Altamont lite? Damn. Dude- not cool at all.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for my lack of political correctness, but that's pretty gay. Individual goes onstage and places arm around dancing gangsta rapper. I don't approve of physical violence, but that alone warrants some type of beat down.