Monday, June 27, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: Kate and Pete, 4evR? The Brit press often play a bit fast and loose with the truth. That having been said, take the following news with a grain of crack. We mean: salt. According to the astonishingly downmarket NewsoftheWorld:

"KATE MOSS reckons she'll be Mrs PETE DOHERTY by the end of the year.

"The supermodel has told pals that crackhead Pete is the 'love of her life.'

"And now she's waiting for him to pop the question ... which will be the first time he's popped anything that doesn't come with its own classification.

"Kate, 31, let the cat out of the bag as she partied backstage at Glastonbury's Lost Vagueness area on Friday night.

"As she knocked back the booze she told pals it was only a matter of time until she got hitched to the Babyshambles frontman.

"She gushed: 'I love him very much. He's a really great guy and we get on so well. Everything is just perfect. I'm really happy with everything and I want to be with him.'

"In recent days, the showbiz rumour mill has been a-buzz with talk that Kate would be flashing a wedding band at Glastonbury. But the only thing Pete was flashing was his crown jewels after taking to the stage with his flies undone."

Nice. Note to Kate, Babygirl: 1) Be sure the rock on your ring is not smokable. And, like, honey, 2):If you see him sucking on a "glass dick" -- no matter how inconsequenrial in size, regard that as cheating, cause you can't compete with that kind of loving, and dump his nutritionally challenged-concave crack smokers' ass.

Out: The Steve Florio Book. Whiskey-voiced newspaperman David Carr informs us that Florio's Prince is just not going to happen. All the chatter of the chattering classes just fucked the whole shit up. According to the Old Gray Lady:

"As proposed, the book sounded like a new kind of C.E.O. tell-all: one part management treatise, one part braggadocio and one part score settling, as he offered his assessments, many negative and some vicious, of the people he worked with.

"In a phone call last Friday afternoon, Mr. Florio said that the proposal was culled from a series of business lectures he gave at New York University and written by someone else, but approved by him. He added that he was horrified when subsequent coverage suggested that he was writing a tell-all about his days of running Conde Nast.

"'I would never sacrifice my integrity to write a book,' he said. 'Because of what was said and how it was taken, there will be no book.'"



Kip Kroeger, Ryan Gosling, Charlie Ebersol, and Willie Ebersol(image via NYSocialDiary)

In: Ithuteng. Ithuteng, David Patrick Columbia informs us, means "never stop learning" in Xosha. It is also the name of a wellreceivedd film that was screened recently. Our favorite social chronicler reviews it thusly:

"The film is about a school in a poverty-stricken township (Pimville) in Soweto, South Africa. Soweto, which was designed for a quarter million inhabitants a century ago, is now home to more than 3 million, most of whom live in abject, hopeless poverty. It is Johannesburg�?s largest suburban township and a cauldron of post-apartheid unemployment, crime, drug trafficking and rape among the country's youth. Poverty; all roads lead to despair and Soweto is a capitol of that destination. And as it always is when poverty dominates, the children suffer the most.

"Ithuteng is a gut-wrenching story about that suffering. The films director, sixteen year-old, Willie Ebersol paints the vivid portrait of three students among the almost 3000 who are attending a remarkable school started in 1997 by a woman named Jackey Maarohanye and affectionately known by all as Mama Jackey, who runs the Ithuteng Trust in Soweto.

"The film focuses on three powerful stories, told in the first person by Dineo (age 14) an orphaned rape victim who has just arrived at the school, Lebo (22) an HIV/AIDS infected rape victim who is one of Mama's original six students, and Victor(26) a notorious reformed criminal who helps Mama run the school with his infectious charisma."

More here.


Out: Jack Nicholson's Black Phallus. According to Twitch (link via Defamer) ... I ... I just don't know. I (The Corsair looks distraught) ... just don't know.


(image via PBS)

In: Campaign Mode Versus Governing. There is precious little time between a President's election to a second term, and the point at which he (or she) becomes a political dead duck. This usually occurs right before the midterm elections after a President has squandered all political capital and the members of the House attend to saving their own political backsides.

Political capital must not be squandered in a second term. It is a finite commodity. And yet -- quixotically -- the President is fighting Congress over John Bolton (The President could simply make him a recess appointment, an ignominy which wouldn't entirely extinguish a Bolton-UN mandate). The Old Gray Lady gets unnamed sourced -- cough, coughCentristscough -- to warn the Administration against faltering.

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