Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Usher, Freakshow


(image via awwbn)

In the beginning there was "Superhead," who, in all accuracy, ought to be henceforth known as "chickenhead." Then, allegedly (via Popbitch), Ush stole Xzibit's ex-fiance, Eisha Brightwell after his sexuality was questioned. Now, Usher's a kiss stealing bandit, according to the 3AM Girls:

"The American superstar turned up with his entourage at London club Kabaret's Prophecy on Monday night. And the 26-year-old soon had a stream of scantily-clad lovelies vying for his attention.

"To help him cope, (Usher) has perfected a production-line technique to make sure they all get a dirty dance with him.

"Our club source reveals: 'Usher had two massive bodyguards with him.

"'At first I thought they were there to stop anyone from attacking him but then I realised he has them to organise a rota of women for him to entertain.

"'There was a queue of about 15 girls in short skirts and skimpy tops all dying to meet him."

We're ... talking about "Usher," right? (The Corsair is slightly confused) The ... little shiny headed kid. Dim, right?

"'Usher was sat at a private table with six bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne at �200 a bottle and a few pals. He was having a great time and, when the girlies formed a queue, things only got better.

"'He would dance with one girl and when he got a bit bored with her, he would motion to one of his burly bouncers to move her on and bring the next girl forward."

Like Ush was "bored" with Naomi Campbell (Averted Gaze)? How does one get bored with Naomi Campbell? She contains multitudes. Perhaps my good man is suffering from an acute attention deficit disorder?

"'The girls didn't seem to mind. It was hysterical to watch.

"By 3.30am Usher had had enough excitement and left with two of the women.

"'One was blonde and the other was an oriental girl. Usher looked very pleased with himself,' adds our source."

We're still talking about "Usher"? The kid with the "vague" Paris Hilton-like gaze who likes to dance with his shirt off? That Usher?


Katerina said...

what anyone would find attractive about that little troll is way, weay beyond me. :P

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha Ushers had the hoes in line to dance with him? Some females are so sad and will do anything for a man. I would never do something like that for any man. I am 5'11 and short guys are just not my type. I need to look up to my man when I kiss him. My husband is 6'2 and fine(I did not have to dress/ dance like a hoe to get him LOL)! Ushers� new GF is way too tall and pretty for him. I guess she saw $ like so many other sad females. Females need to go make their own $ and stop looking at these limelight men for $. The remark Xzibit made about Usher is too funny. I think a lot of these TV men are on the DL.

Anonymous said...

i think usher won't keep eisha because he'll just go back and write another confessions song and denie that the song is not about her. i love usher but, i think the best girl for him would probably be beyonce or alicia keys.