Friday, June 10, 2005

Rob Lowe Back to West Wing?


(image via hogwild)

For the three of us who are still fans of The West Wing there is cause for some celebration as Liz Smith reports today that Rob Lowe will be headed back to to serve once again at the pleasure of President Josiah Bartlett:

"Rob Lowe is headed back to 'The West Wing' for November sweeps � at least five episodes.

"They say it was Mr. President, Martin Sheen himself, who negotiated Rob's return. Sheen was very unhappy when Rob left the show in a dispute over salary and story line. The dotted line has not yet been signed, but the pen is hovering."

Things are finally working out for the hard partying "Billy Hixx" in the big city. We'll resist the temptation to make a poignant but snarky Dr. Vegas comment and instead paraphrase his St.Elmo's line to the effect of, "this is your time ... on the edge."

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