Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mike Nichols-Diane Sawyer Media Domination Tour


Above: Nichols-Sawyer: Hotter Than Vader-Palpatine. (image via YahooMovies)

It's Mike Nichols' and Diane Sawyer's world, party people, we just live in it. He revolutionized comedy; she has navigated the perfect career, from her incarnations as "the cookie" in Nixon's Press office, to seasoned investigative journo on 60 Minutes, to founding co-anchor of Primetime Live (And, who can forget that odd interview with ex-lover Warren Beatty in the early, embattled days of that now successful program), to the glorious network cash cow that is Good Morning America. We have followed Diane Sawyer's glorious evolution with considerable, and in full compliance of the outstanding restraining order.

Anyhoo: We are subletters in the massive media Sawyer-Nichols edifice (TM). And here we thought Les Moonves and Julie Chen ruled the galaxy with such suave benevolence.

Quite the contrary. We were naive. It is not enough that Diane Sawyer owns the morning. It is not enough that Diane Sawyer is eating Katie Couric's lunch, with her signature "poised, creamy insicerity."

No. German-born Ubermensch Mike Nichols has to own the TONY's as well. And, for those who are counting (and we most certainly are), Nichols has won a Grammy (1961 : Best Comedy Performance), an Oscar, 4 Emmys and now a career total of 9 TONy's.

What's next, a "Bloggy" for his pithy Huffington Posts?

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