Monday, March 19, 2007

Senator Hatch Endorses The Spectacular Evil of Mitt Romney


"When the Jews return to Zion/And a comet fills the sky/And the Holy Roman Empire rises/Then you and I must die." from The Omen

Senator Orrin Hatch, so ancient as to be invisible, has endorsed our favorite unspeakable evil, Mitt Romney. From TheHill:

"Former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday received the endorsement of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

“'Governor Romney has the leadership qualities we need to bring real change to Washington,' Hatch said. 'At a time of unprecedented challenges, we need to elect an innovative problem solver like Governor Romney.'

"The senator, who like Romney is Mormon, cited Romney’s 'vision' and his record as governor as additional reasons for his support."

You have got to be impressed with the neck-snapping evil of Romney. Of Romney we have scribbled:

"- Not since Lucifer fancied himself more competent at Galactic Administration than that Invisible Sky God of Abraham has a political player been so, well, so positively frisky in his black devisings. But why are we "hating" on the brother; Why is The Corsair trying to nip Romney in the bud?"

Altogether now (Byzantine; in the key of D Minor): Romney's power grows stronger than stronger ... his power lasting longer than longer ...!

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