Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Social Mountaineer DJ AM Closing in on The LiLo

We prayed deeply and with solemn intent yesterday that the Sir Edmund Hillary of Social Climbing, DJ AM might find that special saucy lass whose proximity might keep his name boldfaced, as it rightly belongs (An expressive silence from The Corsair). After getting his ass dumped, allegedly, Mandy Moore and, also allegedly, doing the dumping of Nicole Ritchie, the available A-List celebutante field was decidedly thin for Our Fearless Oily Leader. According to Rush and Molloy, the oily DJ AM received a coquettish come-hither, from no less than The LiLo:

"With Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, getting out of jail today, we'd like to suggest that stage moms like Dina Lohan, Lynn Spears and Inez Dunst are the ones who belong in the hoosegow. Dina stuck to Lindsay like white on rice Friday night as the actress flirted with newly single DJ AM at Stereo .."

But not before, "and then with Jude Law at The Box." Hmm. DJ Am; Jude Law.

Better look elsewhere, my good man.

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