Friday, March 09, 2007

Why We Can't Wait For The Barry Diller "60 Minuites" Story

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Poor us. Not only are we forced to gnash our teeth and stare at the tv set rapt with attention for the upcoming "60 Minutes" story on former CIA Director George Tenet later this year, now word from Liz Smith that a Barry Diller profile is forthcoming. And, as you can imagine, there will be fawning quotes from Diane Von Furstenberg, the high-cheeked princess, and CFDA President. They had us at hello. From Liz:

"WAIT FOR Lesley Stahl's coming hot interview on "60 Minutes" with the tycoon everybody wants to know - Barry Diller. His segue from TV-movie entertainment to the Internet has made him a billionaire, and he is a fascinating mystery to many.

"And speaking of the blond and canny super reporter Lesley, whither goest she? Isn't her contract about up, and isn't CBS News tearing out what's left of its post-Katie Couric hair worrying about how distinguished veterans of the news division are prepping to leave what many consider to be a sinking ship?"

There are so many questions we'd like to ask Diller, if we got the chance to get him on the couce. For one: What is it exactly that IAC does? Several of The Corsair's media buddies have tried -- in fits of drunken pique at the loocal dive bar -- to explain it all to us, but we remain baffled. We know it has something to do with home shopping and College Humorist and "Ask Jeeves," but beyond that and how the valuation of the company gets over a billion dollars we are most thoroughly vexed.

Two, Where was our invite to Barry Diller's Cold Canyon pre-Oscars Satyricon. The mailman swears that there was no invitation. What the fuck, Barry? Like, didn't you see me sitting behind you at Michael's that day? Those laser-like eyes were mine, yo. I will NOT BE IGNORED!

Three: Why was Gretchen Morgensen of the Gray lady in your opinion "absolutely loony" for questioning your corporate compensation?

Enquiring minds, and all that ...

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