Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Hollywood Madame Speaks on Lasorda, Affleck, Willis

Hookers and celebrities go together like Sushi and Sake. And Hollywood Madame's are like Hydra's, cut off one head and another grows to take its place. One could almost write a history of Hollywood by tracking the rise and fall of the Madames (And, whatever happened to madame Alex?). So, the following revelations are not so unexpected. Although we did expect better from Ben Affleck, we really did. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard said they have another guest to get in there, Jody 'Babydol' Gibson, who was a madam out in California. He said there are a lot of chicks out there who try to do stuff like that but they don't get away with it. Howard read some notes about her and how she got caught. She went to prison for a little while and now she's released a book about her life called 'Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam.'

"Howard had Gary bring Jody in a short time later. Jody said she never thought she'd get in trouble for what she was doing. She said she was targeted for what she was doing and she thought she was just putting Playboy chicks into better lives. She told Howard about how she had opened a modeling agency after releasing an album of her own. She said that she moved into the modeling agency thing and then started introducing the girls to guys. She realized what she was doing was right when she saw one of the girls show up in an expensive Mercedes.

"... Jody said that she does name some of the guys in her book. She said that Tommy Lasorda is one of the guys who she mentioned so Howard asked her about that. She said that Tommy had a girl that she had from Sweden. She liked Tommy because he was fast in bed. She said she charged him $1,500 to get him this woman. She kept all of that information in her payout log.

"Jody talked about some of the other clients like Ben Affleck. She claims that he's packing 8 inches and after doing coke all night, he seemed like he could go forever. That's according to the prostitute that she sent out with him. Jody also claims that Bruce Willis had 4 women. Howard read that he ate out this one chick so he wondered how a guy can do that with a chick he doesn't even really know. He said he could never do that himself."

Bruce Willis? No surprise there. "Bruno" knows porn star Alicia Klass (More in an anal way than Biblically, we hear). But Affleck still throws us for a loop. More (Marksfriggin)

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