Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anthony Weiner's Perpetual Campaign (Or, How Jon Stewart gets Laid More)

Easy on the gel there, badboy. (image via gothamist)

The Senator Chuck Schumer narrative gets a spin-off in the form of the incredibly ambitious (And, we cannot fail to note: Hardworking) Congressman Anthony Weiner (a former Schumer acolyte), who, it seems, is perpetually campaigning to be Mayor of New York. And he has a full plate considering that the Mayoralty is becoming the province of Billionaires and Presidential aspirants (For further reference see: Michael Bloomberg). From the salmon-colored weekly:

"(Weiner) has formed alliances that will broaden his demographic appeal citywide—he’s a hawkishly Zionist Jew from the outer boroughs—by endorsing Yvette Clarke, a liberal Caribbean-American female running for Congress last year in the district next to his, and by flying to Minnesota last October to stump for Keith Ellison, who became the first Muslim elected to the House.

"At the same time, he has kept himself in the press—in the manner of his old boss and political mentor, Chuck Schumer—by holding Sunday press conferences to highlight consumer grievances."

And, of course, Weiner, not taking the Howard Stern fan vote for granted, "campigned" on the venerable radio show this week, talking the language of the Ur-Male. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard told Weiner that he seems to be a good dude and seems to understand this stuff. He asked him about the Iraq war after that. Weiner said that it's a big mess and he thinks that they should move the troops to the border and just let them take care of the playground and not have them in the middle of it all. They were also talking about Rudy Giuliani's possible run for President. Howard thinks that he would probably go with him over Hillary Clinton. They talked about that for a short time and then Gary came in and asked if it was true that he was Jon Stewart's room mate in college. Weiner said they actually did room for a while after college. Weiner said he was funnier than Jon but Jon got laid more than he did.

"Howard thanked Congressman Weiner for calling in and asked him if he's still friends with Jon Stewart. He said they still talk but don't really hang out all that much."

Jon can't be bothered running with Congressmen. He travels in a different social orbit now. In Graydon Carter's parlance, that's so very "First Room (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)"

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