Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dick Morris: Gore Won't Run

Today we venture into the fevered, moist imaginings of Dick Morris (Eew). Look past the rather unremarkable-looking Virginia Call girl, and into the very shaft of "Dick", the Heart of Darkness ("Mistah Kurtz, he dead!"). Of course, this blog post has to do -- tangentially, at least -- with hillary, although the prinipal subject is Al Gore. From TheHill Blog:

"Al Gore could have run in 2008 and could have beaten Hillary. But he dithered so long and sent out such negative indicators that he has blown his opportunity. Barack Obama, catching on in the polls and closing the gap with Hillary to single digits, has, quite simply, sucked all the oxygen from the room.

"By contrast, the Republican primary voters are practically begging for an alternative to Rudy and McCain and would flock to a new candidate like Fred Thompson should he decide to run.

"It’s a shame about Gore. He’s well-qualified, would be a very good president, and would have a very good chance of beating Hillary. But Obama moved out to run when he hung back, and there isn’t enough momentum to go around."

True to form, for a blog post about Al Gore, Hillary Clinton's name is mentioned more often than the former Vice President's. Way to control that Obsessive-Compulsive-Thingie, Dick; you do your thing. More (TheHill)

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