Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hedi Heading Out The Dior

It seems strange that even after all the big-media buzz surrounding Hedi Slimane that Dior couldn't sweeten his contract soas to get him to stay. According to the awesometastic Kim Hastreiter of PaperMagazine:

"So boys, get ready to shed a tear... cause according to an article in today's Women's Wear Daily 'The Hedi Days Are Over: LVMH Dumps Slimane,' I guess it's official... Menswear guru Hedi Slimane will be leaving Dior. And the boys are crying in my office that's for sure.

"After a year or so negotiating, it seems that Dior and Slimane just could not find a way to sign a contract together to continue. I just saw Hedi Slimane this past Sunday night sitting by himself in a couch in the dark at the front bar of Indochine with his eyes closed (napping?). Slimane was in town for Elton John's 60th birthday and has been around town this week stopping into V Man's party with Calvin Klein Jeans at the Box Monday night. So who's gonna step into Hedi's skinny shoes?"

Go to PaperMagazine to find out (PapermagBlog)

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