Friday, March 23, 2007

Heather Mills Goes Batshit (Part Deux)

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When last we left that one-legged dancer, Heather Mills, she was being warned by the Bobby's in Britain to stop calling their emergency hotline. Today, more BabyMomma-Drama. Sir Paul McCartney is presently hooking up with Sabrina Guinness, of whom Imnotobsessed notes, "her claim to fame (besides her last name) is dating Prince Charles before he married Diana. Who else has she dated? Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Rod Stewart."

Then again, fucking Jack Nicholson is a jet-set right of passage, kind of the same deal goes on with Nicolette Sheridan and the Hollywood Hills crowd. You're not really Hollywood if you haven't "blasted" Nicolette Sheridan. Really.

But back to Sir Paul, or, as they call him on the other side of the Atlantic, "Macca." From ThisisLondon:

"Heather Mills was reportedly 'apoplectic' with rage on hearing of Sir Paul's so-called 'date'
Heather Mills has reacted furiously to news that her estranged husband Paul McCartney planned a date with the wealthy socialite Sabrina Guinness.

"Miss Mills, who is currently in Los Angeles starring in American television's Dancing With The Stars, was 'apoplectic with rage'when she learned of the meeting in London on Wednesday evening, say friends.

"'She was livid. She felt like someone had knocked the stuffing out of her. She feels this has really humiliated her. Heather has long believed forces are at work trying to destroy her and she feels this is just the next step,' said a friend.

"'In Heather's mind, she feels this has actually been done when she is out of the country to overshadow her American television debut.'"

Wow, can someone say solipsistic? Alert the Media: The Winter turned metamorphosed into Spring to .. upstage Heather Mills' appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." More:

"She told everyone that he had sent her flowers to wish her good luck in the contest, and that he was really on her side. But she feels that the minute she leaves the country, he is pictured going out with someone else."

There. And we didn't even mention the allegations of "high class prostitution" with Adnan "I-Sell-Arms-to-3rd-World-Countries-to-Compensate-For-a-Little-Dick" Khashoggi. More (ThisisLondon)

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