Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Larry Birkhead Claps His Hands and Says Yeah

Who knows who the BabyDaddy of Dannielyn is? We did learn, however, that David Lynch was ultimately correct about there being a Hell of a lot of weirdos in the United States. How many freaks did Anna Nicole frequent? Even OJ Simpson had a brief, filthy cameo in the trailer trash production of "It's Your Life" that immediately followed Anna Nicole's questionable exit. Now, this. From WashPo (thanks to wonkette):

"A Bahamian judge ordered a DNA test yesterday for Anna Nicole Smith's infant daughter, the Associated Press reports. Larry Birkhead, the photographer who has been challenging Smith's paramour/lawyer Howard K. Stern for paternity, jumped and pumped his fists in the air as he left the courtroom."

You do your crunk, Larry; you .. do .. your crunk.

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