Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Les Moonves, Master of the Universe, Wants Ambassadorship to Spain

When moguls crave to bathe in careening waves of "La Gloire" they veer towards the Ambassadorship to the Court of Saint James, the highest position among the American emissarieships. The problem is that with a international power prestige post like that, the work-to-fun ratio -- always significant to a mogul -- is forbidding. One might actually have to break a sweat, and, worse, break a sweat over the salary of an Ambassador.


Likewise with Ambassadorships to Russia, China, and Japan (Fritz Mondale gave Tokyo political star wattage), where the future of the world is actually at stake.

France has distinct possibilities. The second most successful courtesan in History -- Livia Drusilla of the Julio-Claudian dynasty was the most -- Pamela Harriman classed up that joint; as did Van Galbraith under Reagan. The spectacular residence is enough to make even the most jaded trophy wife glow with admiration and pride after her husbands exquisite political acumen. But there, too, there is much diplomacy to be done; Paris and Berlin are also important posts -- at the red-hot center of European Union intigue. Better to stick with a lower first tier Ambassadorship with little geopolitical seriousness: one with castles, excellent cuisine, Old Master Art, and, of course, an A-list band of Euroroyalty to add to one's collection, something ... like ... Spain (Yeah, that's the ticket).

A Spanish Ambassadorship is the perfect dose of Gloria. From Cindy Adams:

"CBS' Les Moonves sending word he'd renounce his multimillions salary to make a hot buck-and-a-quarter as U.S. ambassador to Spain. Spain's embassy practically has no seventh floor since that's where all the area secrets lie. The post is prestige and big-time glory. He wants it."

We can already see Moonves and Julie Chen lounging, nut-brown tanned, with King Juan Carlos the Brief, absorbing his sangfroid. Part the Next: Will the ineffective amiable dunce and former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert ever get his dream Ambassadorship to Japan? Doubtful!

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