Thursday, March 22, 2007

Will Dick Run

(image via kleincreative)

Time Warner's suave, goddam he's suave, CEO Dick Parsons leaves the Chattering Classes to wonder still if he's going to be running for the Mayoralty of New York (Along with Congressman Weiner, the perpetual also-ran). From Crains (via fishbowlny):

"Time Warner Chief Executive Richard Parsons continued to leave the door open to a possible mayoral run once his contract expires in 2008.

"Asked about his political plans at a Baruch College forum Wednesday morning, Mr. Parsons avoided giving a direct answer but also didn't rule anything out.

“'It's not smart to let people push you [into a decision],' he said, explaining why he planned to take time to 'cool out' once he leaves the media giant. 'It's much better to go off somewhere and clear your mind and figure out what to do next.'"

Pimp move, Dick.

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