Friday, March 30, 2007

Will George Hamilton's "Permatan" Replace Bob Barker?

We were surprised to learn that "The Price is Right" was still on. Who still watches this shit other than stoners and ancient Methuselans on the verge of a natural death? That's some "pimp" demographic right there, no?

Then we started to go on a roll. Bob Barker is still alive? That Senatorial hair -- who can replace that fucking inscrutable, goddam Senatorial head. Of. Hair.

And then, we thought: oh no. They didn't. Les Moonves didn't go there. Les wouldn't kick things up a notch and offer employment to ... the founder of the Cocoa Butter Open. Oh yes he did. Les Moonves opened a can of sunblocker on the asses of morning tv viewers. And his name is George Motherfucking Hamilton. From TMZ:

"TMZ has learned that George Hamilton is the front-runner to replace Bob Barker on the "Price is Right."

"We're told that CBS honcho Les Moonves and the show's producers think George is 'wonderfully charming' and 'could really make the show work.'"

This, from the arbiter of all things nut-brown tanned, Les Moonves.

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