Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ryan Phillippe Throws Whopper at Stalkerazzi

(image via bobbi.istorm)

What we used to find most amusing is how "America's Sweetheart" Reece Witherspoon used to pay for Ryan Phillippe's vanity Production wing "Lucid Films" so that he could leave the house in the mornings with his briefcase all "adult-like" and feel useful and productive to their household. Who cares if "Lucid Films" has produced naught else but utter shit. If it made him feel manly to hold meetings and such, it was all good.

Along came The Golden Globes, then Oscar.

Now, former Witherspoon toy-boy Ryan Phillippe, still with the temper, tossed a Whopper at the stalkerazzi that were chronicling his present venture into triviality. Pity Ryan Phillippe. Tossing that Whopper is the most interesting acting he has accomplished since "Crash." "Crash" was the sound Ryan Phillippe's career made when he cheated on Reece Witherspoon. From our favorite gossip superhero duo Rush and Molloy:

"Ryan Phillippe did the only rational thing after becoming angry at a group of paparazzi that followed him to a Burger King in Santa Monica: he threw his Whopper at them."

...But not for court-provided "Manimony" Phillippe would be wrapping the Whopper up with a fake smile and providing correct change, not tossing the meatstuffs aside blithely.

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