Monday, March 12, 2007

Sir Paul: Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars "Tacky"

Last week Sir Paul flashes the V-for-victory sign as he leaves court. (image via newsoftheworld)

Alleged former Adnan Khashoggi call-girl/escort (Eew) Heather Mills is, apparently, backing down from her objectively exhorbitant alimony demands from Sir Paul McCartney. Sir Paul, whose next release will be via Starbucks Records, is moving on. The "Dancing with the Stars" -- and just what constitiutes a "star" these days? -- wannabe asked for roughly $18,280 a day just "to get by." Swellegant. According to the extremely downmarket NewsoftheWorld:

"Sources close to Macca's camp told the News of the World: 'It's amazing how quickly things have turned around. Heather has caved in on lots of things — including the money demands and sole custody of daughter Beatrice — and we now expect her to settle.'

"News of the planned settlement — which works out at (u.s. $1,342) an hour for their 1,735 days of marriage so far — comes after a fortnight of blazing rows between the couple.

"They have silently faced each other at the High Court three times for opening hearings over the divorce. But in private they have been letting fly.

"After one session furious Macca ranted at Heather down the phone:

"'I just can't wait until I never have to see your face again!'

"But she blasted back: 'You'll never get rid of me!'"

This sounds, to lovers of Ingmar Bergman's haunting films, not unlike the hair-raising line the doppelganger for Bergman's brutal father, Bishop Eckdahl, let drop at the end of "Fanny and Alexander." Unlike the tormented characters that populate Bergman's films, however, all Sir Paul has to do to untangle himself of Mills -- not including those uncomfortable visitation rights moments -- is to eschew ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Finally:

"And in another vicious screaming match about one-legged Heather appearing in US prime time show Dancing With The Stars, Sir Paul labelled the move 'tacky.'"

And we cannot but agree wholeheartedly. More (Newsoftheworld)

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