Wednesday, March 07, 2007

C-Span Broadens Copyright Policy: Zzzzzzzz

C-Span, for those insomniacs among you, is the gift that keeps on giving. It is truly and wonderfully a magnum of chlorophorm. Ambien for American Political Junkies. Even as we write this we feel as if rendered unto a deep and satisfying slumber from merely the mention of "C-Span,." and the serene, melifluous tones of Brian "Born to be Mild" Lamb. From Paidcontent:

"One time conservatives may not have a problem with the word 'liberal' on C-Span ... The private non-profit funded by cable and satellite affiliates is liberalizing its copyright policy to encourage more sharing of official government events."

Zzzzzzzzzzzz... whuh? Whuzzat? We were having that nightmare again about the being trapped in a claustrophobic ad hoc Capital Hill subcomittee on Madagascar? It was horrible. Congressman Ron Paul was all in my grill. Oh. Forgot. Left the C-Span on again.

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