Saturday, March 31, 2007

Puffy, Thou Art "Cruised"

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Lots of P Diddy sex chatter this week, Tantric and otherwise. Earlier in the week we posted about P Diddy being able to *allegedly* go for hours having sex (For further reference see, P Diddy: "He Love You Long Time.". Now, Sean Combs got cruised by some USDA prime cut beefcake over in the UK; but, so to speak, as students of ancient mythology are well aware, penetrating The Golden Ass is not so easy (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). From the 3AMGirls:

"The 37-year-old rap guru left the exclusive Maddox Club launch party after just 10 minutes, when a chubby toff tried to, ahem, get to know him better.

"We watched as the horrified Diddy man spurned his advances - and ordered his minders to help him flee the building.

"As the amorous reveller attempted to grind against the hip-hop mogul, ladies' man Diddy yelled at his burly goons: 'I'm ready to leave, right now!'"

What a coincidence. The "toff" was ready to come right now (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

"One guest reveals: 'This guy was quite drunk and he'd already made passes at one of the barmen. But when Diddy walked in, the guy made it his mission to try and get in there with him.'

"Diddy - who was born plain old Sean Combs - had arrived with just two minders and was picking scantily-clad babes to join him at his VIP table.

"But his assailant certainly had balls! Guest Henry Addo tells us: 'The guy just went in for the kill, grabbing a vodka bottle off Diddy's table and lunging towards him. He looked like he was puckering up as he tried to grind against him - and Diddy wasn't amused. He couldn't flee the club fast enough.'"

and, as we all know, Diddy once "Ran the city." Diddy's feet are no doubt faster than that "toff's" needful inches ...

"His admirer - in his late 30s - had earlier been going around the club kissing men on the cheek. But Diddy wasn't risking that.

"And the king of bling was already feeling blue after being stood up by his new best pal, British beauty Sienna Miller. 'It was a bad night all round for him,' says our perfectly-placed partygoer."

The full nitty gritty (3AMGirls)

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