Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fox-NBCU to Rival YouTube-Google?

Rupert on YouTube

This is one of the most nebulous of Web 2.0 stories out there but also potentially one of the more significant. Even the intrepid gang at paidontent haven't been able to pin down any of the details. And yet, after more than 4 months of speculation this thing will not die down. From the irrepressible Staci D. Kramer of Paidcontent:

"It’s the JV proposal that will not die, kind of like those marsh fires that look like they’re out and flame up again unexpectedly. The idea of a News Corp.-NBCU joint venture that would aggregate and distribute video in counterpoint to Google-YouTube has been circling around for months; at one point, Viacom was reported to be in discussions but never got on board. Externally, 'Newco' seemed to be close to dormant; internally, though, I’m told another big push is on to get it done to the point where I have heard from multiple sources it could happen this week. Then again, it’s as likely to fall apart as it is to happen."

The strangest part of the story is that Viacom will not take part in it. Viacom is all but moving the pillars of heaven to cirvcumvent YouTube.

The full story (paidcontent)

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