Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mitt Romney, The Desolate One, to Run for President


"When the Jews return to Zion/And a comet fills the sky/And the Holy Roman Empire rises/Then you and I must die." from The Omen

Oh there is such Glorious Evil in Mitt Romney ("His power is stronger than stronger!"), former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachsetts ("His might shall last longer than longer!"). Cue to the Theme from The Omen. There is something so gloriously and unapologetically evil about former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney -- sotto voce: 666 (Averted Gaze)-- that it's almost refreshing in it's black audacity. Even his name pronounced trippingly on the tongue tastes like blood (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

-- Not since Lucifer fancied himself more competent at Galactic Administration than that Invisible Sky God of Abraham has a political player been so, well, so positively frisky in his black devisings. But why are we "hating" on the brother; Why is The Corsair trying to nip Romney in the bud? Check this out on The Governor's "evolving" (Averted Gaze) views on abortion choice for women, from Boston.com:

"Governor Mitt Romney recently told USA Today he is 'in a different place' on the subject of abortion. He declined to elaborate, but the ''place' he is in is a confusing one and has been for a long time.

"As a recent article in the conservative American Spectator concluded: ''As the 2008 GOP nomination contest approaches, many Americans will be watching to see if Mitt Romney is another abortion waffler, or if he has just been holding back all these years.' The Spectator labels Romney pro-choice, but the author expresses the hope that Romney's position was nothing more than a ruse to win election in liberal Massachusetts."

Altogether now, say it with me then *shudder*: "Eeeevill (Could this man be President?)." But wait -- there's more (The Sound of cloven hooves on Marb le). Although Romney's wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis: Mitt Romney vetoed a stem cell research bill in Massachusetts. That's right. The veto was, to be sure, perilously close to his Presidential run, a run that would entail support from the christian Right. And so when weighing the electoral necessities against his martial bond, well, you know who won ("-- Hail Satan!').

Altogether now, we shall sing the them to The Omen: ho-ho: Antichrist!

Oftentimes, The Corsair has been moved --rhapsodically -- to compare Governor Romney to the dark melancholy of John Hoynes on The West Wing. Both had matinee-idol good looks, a bewitching voice, the weighty resume, the air of Internationalism and commerce with "Principalities" -- Piffle! The fictional Hoynes wouldn't last a minute with the uberSatanic Romney, a man whose overarching ambition is to be Emperor of Time and Space, but can he do so with those pronounced cloven hooves? We shall soon Know His Velocity.

Altogether now (From Rosemary's Baby): His power is stronger than stronger ... His might shall last longer than longer!

There is something too perfect, too slick, too ... bloodless ... about the Chameleonish Romney. He presents himself as Conservative now that it suits his needs; he was a liberal Republican, a down guy when courting the Southies. Romney makes former Senator John "Butter Wouldn't Melt in My Mouth" Edwards looks like a rank amateur by comparison. He, quite frankly, raises trhe hairs on the back of The Corsair's neck. How -- for example -- Does a Republican get elected in Massachusetts? And How does he get away with making his Presidential announcement in Michigan? How can he be that tone-deaf in snubbing his own state? Massachusetts is no longer necessary to Romney; it never was. Massachusetts was stepping stone. He outgrew it. His wife's health? When cast against the Presidency ... you know.


Bubbles, Ink. said...

yes, but oh what a glorious jaw the man has.

Ron said...

Quite true, Bubbles. It is a goddam lantern; a truly Presidential jawline is rare. I'd proudly be represented by that jawline if only he didn't have that anti-christ thingie

voodoochild said...

The demeanor that so perplexes you is the result of Romney's Mormonism. They learn 'em good before they go off as missionaries--all types of ways to persuade people, you know, to either convert to Mormonism or vote for the Devil....