Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Did Anderson Cooper Snub Michael Musto?

A bust of Apollo, standing in for Anderson Cooper. (image via shoppay)

This one is for Sherlynn, my dear, who likes it when we roll heavy on the Anderson Cooper posts. Our Musto, friend of this Blog, has some enemies all up in that Anderson Cooper 360. Despicable! No one messes with Our Musto! From the Village Voice's La Dolce Musto column:

"Moving on to the museum of whoring, last week's column was about the disgraceful lying practices of TV producers as they book and cancel talking-head talent at whim. Well, I've got a fetid new example. ANDERSON COOPER's show recently booked me for a pre-taped interview about various public figures who've done rehab. I was delighted that Cooper had apparently gotten over my multiple suggestions that he's a fan of Judy Garland. But I guess not. When I got home to meet up with the car to the CNN studio, there was a message saying to forget it—they weren't going to do the segment after all. Funny, when I channel-surfed onto the show the next night, they did do the segment! A lying TV producer? For straightforward Anderson Cooper? Shocking!"

Oh no he didn't; Oh yes-he-did (you Musto read More Musto)

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Bubbles, Ink. said...

Musto is the man. Or, rather The Queen. Nobody puts Musto in the corner.