Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will Joost become the YouTube Killer?

Several weeks after Viacom demanded that YouTube remove over 100,000 videos from their site after talks of content sharing broke down, the old Media powerhouse signed on with newbie TV online company Joost. What is "Joost"? From Endgadget:

"Chances are that anyone remotely in the loop these days would be familiar with 'Kazaa' and 'Skype,' but only time will tell if folks warm up to "Joost." The duo who founded one of the most popular P2P networks as well as a mainstay in every VoIP conversation are finally naming (and launching) its video distribution service, aiming to 'cheaply and efficiently distribute high-quality video over the internet' via the same P2P technology that has treated them so well thus far."

As Vince Veneziani writes, "Joost users will be able to enjoy programming from networks like MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon." From David Kaplan of the indispensible Paidcontent:

"Viacom and online TV provider Joost have done a broad distribution deal, all of which should put more pressure on YouTube to work out its disagreements with content owners, the WSJ reported.

"The content portion of the deal involves licensing hundreds of hours of programming from Viacom TV properties, as well as movies made by the company’s Paramount studios. Viacom will contribute both current and archival programming to the venture, including programs such as Real World, Laguna Beach, Beavis & Butthead and Flavor of Love.

"The deal is said to be similar to what Viacom reportedly offered YouTube before the talks broke down two weeks ago. At that point, Viacom ordered YouTube’s parent Google to remove 100,000 clips belonging to the entertainment company.

"A major factor in Viacom’s decision to sign with Joost, which launched in mid-January, was Joost ‘s promise that it would protect Viacom’s copyrights. The same issue was considered a main stumbling block in the company’s talks with Google.

The full article here (Paidcontent)

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