Thursday, February 23, 2006

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


And the Oscar for best Best Special Visual Effects goes to ... OMG! Ben Affleck's hair. (image via wireimage)

uma 230206

Hotelier Andre Balazs fails miserably at changing Uma Thurman's "reservation." (image via ohnotheydidnt via Vallenilla / WENN)


The Arctic Monkeys, in serious need of a robust multivitamin and a dose of sunlight. (image via wireimage)


Adrien Brody presently starring in: Shitty in Pink. (image via justjared)


RC said...

funny comments on the AMs to be honest...I just heard of the AMs tuesday in the US...

really interested to see how they do here.

--RC of

Mike Scholes said...


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Gigli said...

Nice blog...