Friday, February 24, 2006

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs revolutionized personal computing. He is in the process of revolutionizing how and where we watch tv. And, despite the music industry's dragging footsteps, he has tranformed the way we listen to music. Is there anyone anywhere even buying CDs anymore? It was quaint while it lasted. From SfGate:

"Less than three years after its premiere in the digital music business, Apple Computer Inc. said Thursday that it has sold 1 billion songs on its online iTunes Music Store.

"Since offering individual songs for 99 cents on its online store starting in April 2003, the Cupertino company has become dominant selling music on the Internet. And it shows no signs of slowing down. In October, Apple added TV shows, music videos and short films from Pixar to its iTunes Music Store.

"'Over 1 billion songs have now been legally purchased and downloaded around the globe, representing a major force against music piracy and the future of music distribution as we move from CDs to the Internet,' Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said in a written statement.

"At last month's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Jobs said Apple was selling 3 million songs a day, a pace that translates to more than 1 billion songs a year. He also noted that the iTunes Music Store represents 83 percent of the downloadable music sold on the Internet."


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Out: Kate Moss. Well, Kate Moss is back in social circulation. Without, of course, the booger sugar. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) This time it was Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr who got the full Mossy. According to the 3AMGirls:

"KATE Moss knows how to pick a winner. She was cosying up to - just hours before his group won Best International Band at last night's NME Awards.

"Even her ex, junkie Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty, scooped the gong for Sexiest Man at the ceremony, nicknamed The Brats."

Because, no doubt, the fragrant medicinal musk of flopsweat commingled with cracksmoke is catnip to the ladies ...

"Kate, 32, made a beeline for 26- year-old Albert - a former model - when she turned up at London's private members' Cuckoo Club at midnight on Wednesday.

"The pair set tongues wagging by snuggling up in a corner and engaging in some marathon canoodling.

"Kate, Sadie Frost and their gang took over some tables at the back of the club and ordered bottles of vodka," says our spy. 'But Kate only had eyes for Albert. He was whispering in her ear and she was smiling and laughing at everything he said.

"'When someone interrupted to speak to Kate, she just batted them off to continue gazing at Albert.'

"Our source adds: 'When her friend asked if she'd been to see The Strokes recently, Kate said, 'Yeah, loads. They're amazing and such sweet guys'.

"At the end of the night, she and Albert jumped into a waiting Land Rover and disappeared into the night together.

But what, pray tell, would a Kate Moss story be without the astonishing O Henry ending:

"But she might not get her wicked way with the Strokes star after all. At the Brats, Albert told us: 'Being with Kate was drunken and friendly. She's a cool girl and I had a fun night, but I'm seeing someone.'"

Can't Kate ever catch a break?


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In: Elizabeth Vargas. Things were looking a bit dodgy for Elizabeth Vargas there for a second after ABC brass decided to have her share anchor duties with seasoned grown-ups Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson after her on-air partner was injured in Iraq. The decision had whiffs of "she's not yet ready to handle prime time alone" written all over it. This new development brightens Vargas' prospects significantly. According to FishbowlDC:

"Word out this morning that ABC's Elizabeth Vargas has scored an interview with President Bush for next Tuesday--the first major outlet to get one since Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting partner."


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Out: Ted Tunrer. The man who modeled himself after Alexander the Great, his childhood hero, is exiting the theater of his greatest campaign. According to CNNMoney (link via iwantmedia):

"Time Warner said Friday that Ted Turner, founder of the company's Turner cable networks its largest individual shareholder, will not seek re-election to the company's board of directors.

"'It is after much deliberation that I have decided not to stand for re-election at the annual meeting. I have enjoyed working with Dick Parsons as well as the other board members and the management team,' Turner said in a press release.

"Time Warner's chairman, Dick Parsons, described Turner in a statement as 'a visionary leader who has made an extraordinary contribution to this company and, indeed, to the world at large.'

"Turner, who held 105 million shares of Time Warner stock as recently as 2003, now owns only 33.5 million shares, or about 0.7 percent of shares outstanding, according to share tracking service LionShares.

"That still makes him the largest individual shareholder, just ahead of the 30.6 million shares held by financier Carl Icahn, who a week ago dropped his efforts to win control of the Time Warner board."


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In: Network TV. Who says the networks are dead? With 500-plus channels sometimes that seems like the inevitable conclusion. That would be premature. According to Medialifemagazine:
"Usually the broadcast networks step aside when the women�s figure skating finals come gliding onto the television every four years, scared of getting stomped by the sequined pixies and the huge ratings they generate.

"But this year CBS, Fox and ABC aired some of their most popular shows opposite NBC and its skaters, and the result was the most competitive night of the TV season so far, and perhaps of the last decade, as 62 percent of the nation�s 109 million TV-watching households tuned into the big four networks during the 8 p.m. hour.

"Fox�s 'American Idol,' NBC�s Olympics, ABC�s 'Dancing With the Stars' and CBS�s 'Survivor' combined for a 62 household share during the 8 p.m. hour last night, according to Nielsen overnight numbers, a 41 percent increase over the 44 share those networks have combined to average this season so far.

"Together the networks averaged 70.4 million total viewers that hour, 63 percent more than the 43.1 million the networks have averaged in primetime so far this season. Also, the Big Four combined for a 58 share among viewers 18-49, up 45 percent from the 40 they�ve averaged this season. Not surprisingly, Fox�s 'Idol,' the No. 1 show on television, paced everyone during that hour, averaging 23.1 million total viewers and a 9.7 rating among 18-49s."

More here.

Mischa Barton

A pitstop until something better comes along. And it did. (image via emmaria)

Out: Cisco Adler. Man, sucks to be that dude according to the 3AMGirls (link via egotastic):

"At the Baftas dinner The OC's Mischa Barton went out of her way to get an introduction to the fabulous Jake.

"Our spy tells us: 'They swapped numbers and when he walked away she did a little victory dance to her friend.'

"Don't suppose her fella Cisco Adler will be too pleased."

Nothing personal Cisco, it's show business.

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