Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Kelly (Osbourne) Had Her Legs Wrapped Around Him"


(image via papermag)

What the fuck is up with hooking up at the NME Awards? First, Mischa Barton got Jake Gyllenhaal's digits with an option to future fucky (Soory Cisco), now word Kelly Osbourne got her groove on. According to the 3AMGirls:

"Ozzy's daughter was smitten when she met Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan after the NME awards at Hammersmith Palais on Thursday

"... Our source says: 'Kelly was besotted and went all out to get him. Soon they were snogging in a corner and couldn't keep their hands off each other.'

"Things got so heated that 24-year-old Tom decided he and Kelly needed a bit more space. He started pushing partygoers out of their seats and trampling over their coats to make more room.
"But while he may have thought it was funny, the bouncers didn't. They kept a close eye on Tom and bundled him off after he clashed with the DJ - with Kelly in hot pursuit.

"Luckily, her pleas for them not to chuck out Tom worked, and the pair headed off upstairs, where they were soon canoodling in a corner. At one point, our spy says, 'Kelly had her legs wrapped around him.'"

(A considerable pause) Continue:

"But after a few more drinks, the singer went off the rails again. He leapt on the couch, took down a lampshade and smashed it on the ground. 'Security rushed towards him but Kel was there to calm him down,' adds our spy. 'She promised to take him downstairs and leave - but not before their party got in a few shots.'"

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Mysterwright said...

Wow, that's kinda odd. I donno why someone like her would go for a mean asshole. I'm sure someone decent would treat her well but then again, if that happened what's to say she won't be mean to him instead? Hmmm.
Kinda sounds PMRC to me. said...

This can't work in fact, that is exactly what I consider.