Monday, February 13, 2006

Grace Jones' Wife


(image via BritishVogue)

Whatever happened to Jamaican-born glamazon Grace Jones, who, when last we checked, was about to get hictched to Viscount Ivor Wimborne. We so looked forward to hearing of her manhandling effete Eurotrash at country dinner parties across the Continent. Granted, it's been a while. In May 2004 British Vogue wrote:

"... super-icon GRACE JONES is courting the ultimate fashion status symbol - a title. Party boy and social commentator Nicky Haslam is telling anybody who'll listen that the 56-year-old Amazonian actress is planning to marry his cousin, Viscount Ivor Wimborne. 'A final date hasn't been set, but Ivor is as in love as ever,' Haslam told The Daily Telegraph, adding that Jones had already ordered her dress and a Philip Treacy hat for the big day. 'It's unusual to sort out the dress before the date, but that's Grace,' he went on. 'People have been saying they'll marry at his home in Northamptonshire, but it wouldn't surprise me if they got hitched somewhere really hip instead.'

Grace was about 20 years older than the 35 year old aristocrat, and she has been married three times previous. Now, according to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"GRACE Jones - who fooled around with such rock stars as Mick Jagger and David Bowie before tying the knot with Dolph Lundgren - likes the role of 'bridegroom.' She showed up at La Goulue for lunch this week wearing a gold-studded black leather bustier, black leather hot pants, thigh-high boots and a blonde on her arm. 'I'm in for the shows, darling,' Jones told a couple of friends before introducing the woman as her 'wife.' 'She announced it very dramatically. All of Madison Avenue could hear her,' reports a witness. A rep for the diva identified the blonde as Grace's old friend Tara Kulukundis and said, 'She was probably just pulling people's legs.'"

Yes, come to think of it, we can easily imaging Grace pulling at people's appendages, with Herculean force. She exhibited her "rib busting ox-strength recently," to great effect when she got into a fisticuffs with 3 British train attendants.

You do your thing, Grace; we love you just the way you are.