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A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: The Prince Concert. Prince is back, latin-infused. Tonight Prince comes to New York (Well, it's technically Tamar: with Special Guest Prince, who is actually, the guitar player in her band) at the Nokia Times Square Theater at 10PM. We are so there; Prince concerts are events unto themselves (Is there an afterparty? The Corsair seriously needs to be on that guest list: Get your tickets here. If you haven't seen the video of "Te Amo Corazon" with Mia Maestro, directed by Salma Hayek, it's here. And, he's performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend.


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If you go, do be aware Prince is notorious for playing well into the morning. It's Prince's world, people, we just live in it. (And, a propos of nothing: How hott is Kanye West's 1970s-flavored, skantily-clad Pam Anderson infused "Touch the Sky" video trailer, huh?)


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Out: The Paramount Layoffs. Newly-minted Master of the Universe Brad Grey sure knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. He of the perfect coif spins significant layoffs at Paramount as a ... celebration of the Dreamworks deal. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) Damned cheek! Here is an excerpt from a Brad Grey email, via Defamer:

"I wanted to make sure that you were all aware that today we announced the closing of the DreamWorks acquisition. We are well on our way to integrating these two fantastic companies.
While a business transaction of this size always creates some challenges, we are certain that this new chapter in Paramount�s great history is going to be made even more exciting by the creative work that will come of our two businesses working together as a major force in entertainment."

(A considerable pause) It's so "exciting" that Defamer is naming today on the Paramount lot "Black Wednesday." (Averted Gaze) More on who gets the ol Paramount axe here.

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In:: Jim Goodmon, President WRAL-TV. Can local broadcasters retain their influence in the age of globalism and the internet? Or, will they eventuially go the way of the Dodo. Network affiliates, angry at being cut out of network deals with iTunes, Google and Yahoo!, are demanding to be included as partners in digital enterprises, according to yesterday's WSJ piece. But, as Rafat Ali notes, WRAL -- a CBS affiliate -- is taking the lead in the battle to stave off the impression of digital irrelevance with more than angry declarations. Says Marketwatch:

"Jim Goodmon, president of WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., is hoping to win approval by launching today a test of technology that can limit viewing of programming outside the market.

"WRAL has begun using 'Air to Web Broadcast Replication' technology from Decisionmark Corp. to stream its local news broadcasts. An Internet viewer enters an address and uses a credit card for identification. The technology matches the information with the TV station's coverage map to enable viewing.

"Goodmon and Decisionmark hope the test will persuade CBS that it's safe for the station to sell Webcasts and downloads of network programming

"'What everybody is talking about is networks selling video-on-demand on the Internet that's different from the time it airs live on the network,' Goodmon told Broadcasting & Cable magazine.

"'You can buy CSI two days later and it also goes anywhere in the world. What we are saying to the network is that we can help you sell this product. Let us sell it for you in our markets.'

And, according to the brilliant Staci Kramer at Paidcontent:

"The coincidence of today's annnouncement from CBS about hosting its own pay download service for 'Survivor' -- and a report of cutting affiliates in on some of that expected revenue -- is striking. An exec at CBS told me today: 'This is a big one, particularly because it�s the first, and there is no partner to share revenue with.' That could give the network room to cut the affiliates in for more. And a DIY solution could be parlayed into localized download stores for affiliates with a finder's fee or rev share for delivering buyers. "

Interesting ...


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Out: Jude Law. Jude Law took a bit of a shot to the chops this week from someone on Team Sienna. First, there was the rumored relationship between Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen, so soon after the Law breakup, which can never look good. Now, according to the Page Sixxies, maybe she wasn't all that into him for some time:

"DID Sienna Miller use Jude Law to help her career? An insider on the Louisiana set of 'Factory Girl' says, 'Sienna was never that crazy about him to begin with, but their affair made her a household name.' Sienna's mother, Josephine, who called Jude a 'bloody idiot' when he cheated with her nanny, 'seems to be the engine behind the choo-choo train,' said our source. 'The mother was overheard telling her, 'Jude was good for a while, but there are other fish to fry.'"

We were never fans of Jude Law anyway. (Averted Gaze) Something about the look of evil glee when Ashley Simpson was caught lip synching in her tissue of lies on SNL. He was literally feeding off her suffering. His skeletal ricktor of a smile was literally a sub-theme of that bad operetta of the SNL closing credits. (The Corsair shudders) That, and his proximate causation of the delicious melancholy of Sadie Frost. Why does Jude Law leave the women in his wake not unlike Picasso's Weeping Woman. That is one dastardly fucker, fer realsie. Something about Jude Law smacks of sadist fuckery. He needs a bullet to his ass.


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In: Lunch at Michael's. God, we are going to miss FishbowlNY's Rachel Sklar. Her witty posts made our morning's dance. It was a blog crush of the first magnitude. She embodies all that's good about Canada: the cleverness, the sunny disposition and the sexy. (An existential sigh) Today, the adorable Laurel Touby also of the Fishy, gives us a peek at the talent in the room today at media hotspot Michael's. According to FishbowlNY:

".. 2: Guy with very VERY funky glasses, mucho face stubble, dark red tie and very black shirt and suit. Entertainment biz, we guess -- and in due time, we learn this is Elvis Costello. He is joined by Allen Toussaint. They both tuck their napkins in at the neck when their entr�es arrive. For a moment we wondered whether they might give a lesson in how to eat crawfish. But this is New York, not New Orleans (where the two recently finished a joint recording project due out this spring).

".. 4: Liz Smith, another member of the Michael's Texas Mafia (former Governor Ann Richards is also a regular) in a beige suit, with Dominick Dunne and Court TV's Henry Schleiff, wearing a suit. They all seemed to be old friends. But this was all business, we hear. It's Liz's birthday tomorrow. Wish her a happy one if you get the chance.

"5: Barbara Walters, with another woman. Any guesses?
[A little birdie told us: Socialite Lauren Veronis (wife of Veronis Suhler media banking guy John Veronis)]

"6: David Patrick Columbia, strikingly not at his regular table. He was dining with Alex Hitz, Peter 'If you don't look good, we don't look good' Rogers and another fellow.

"7: The outrageously fashionable Andre Leon Talley, in a muted green croc-leather coat. He was downing double espressos with another fellow, who was wearing a quite understatedly fashionable suit, and a pink tie.

"... 25: Watch out. Hot Chris Napolitano, head of Playboy editorial. He was with writer/oyster-farmer Warren Kalbacker. They were celebrating many things about the latest issue, including the Al Franken interview, the Kanye West cover (which was supposed to pre-empt Rolling Stone's Kanye West cover, but somehow didn't) and Michael Gross's piece about the sale of for $14 million. What an issue! Now you have a better excuse to buy one and pass it around the office, openly."

More media crack here.

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