Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Only a Scores Stripper Could Find Robin Williams Funny


Have a Ritalin and shut the fuck up. (image via tv2)

As a child we found Robin Williams' manic, spastic scenery-chewing performances hysterical. He was like the class clown turned gazillionaire. And then, like, we turned 11 and it kind of became pathetic.

In fact, we are of the opinion that Williams suffers from some sort of severe attention deficit disorder that has been unhealthily indulged by The Hollywood Establishment (until recently, at least). Mind you, he can be quite astonishing as a dramatic actor when he marshalls his antic energies (for further reference, see: One Hour Photo).

But, unfortunately, Hollywood has taken Williams at face-value (he may be a clown, but he is their clown), they have little interest in seeing him resolve his unfortunate chemical imbalance; Robin Williams is, essentially, Hollywood's attention-seeking brat of a child (for further reference, see: the obnoxious Jamie Foxx).

Hollywood indulges him and fake-laugh as he fucks up innumerable award ceremonies. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) We have always wondered, however, what grown adult would find Williams-acting-up as hysterical acts of comedy. Strippers, according to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"ROBIN Williams stayed warm during the blizzard by getting loads of lap dances at Scores West. The fast-talking funnyman turned up at the West 27th Street topless temple at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday with a group of pals and proceeded to lap up dances until 5 a.m. 'He was very friendly,' says Scores dancer Mackenzie. 'I showed him my new boobs, and he said that they looked great.' Adds Scores girl Katherine, 'I was trying to dance for him, but he kept making me laugh by making funny faces and noises.'"

(Averted Gaze) As we said in the title of this post: Resolved: Only a Scores stripper could find Robin Williams funny.