Wednesday, February 08, 2006

FashionWeek, Part the Fifth


Nicky Hilton, all cool-breeze, pretending not to notice Kristin Cavallari. (image via smh)


"The day before (the Marc Jacobs show) began with breakfast at Milla Jovovich's West Village townhouse, where the model and her design partner, Carmen Hawk, gave an intimate presentation of their fashion line, and ended with Diane von Furstenberg's post-show party. At the latter, the Super Bowl was broadcast for a crowd that included Chris and Amanda Cutter Brooks and Christian Louboutin. 'Did you see the halftime show?' said von Furstenberg. 'I went right upstairs and wrote Mick [Jagger] an e-mail: 'Sixty-four years old, and you've still got it, man.'"

Parading down the runway to Liza Minelli's New York for Heatherette, none other than Amanda Lepore (thanks, Gawker).

From Daily Fashion Report:

"At Luca Luca, Venus Williams, looking adorable in a tweed jacket and well worn jeans, accompanied by Jane Lauder, the standout item (and something I could easily imagine someone wearing on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, was the finale - a floor sweeping narrow sleeveless black lace gown with an open back and dramatic train."

Says Gatecrasher:

"Brittny Gastineau found her reality-show fame didn't open the velvet rope for her at the Oscar de la Renta show yesterday.

"According to a witness, the young TV star 'pitched a major fit' when denied access to the designer's fall/winter fashion show at the Bryant Park tents.

"'But they didn't let her in, and she ended up storming away,' laughs a spy."


Then, Nicky Hilton gingerly sneaks a peek. (image via popwatch)

From Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch:

"Luca Luca's show at the Bryant Park Promenade wins the award for most random front row so far: Serena Williams, Mya, Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari and Nicky Hilton (pictured), Jenna Jameson, Carol Alt, and Howard Stern's galpal Beth Ostrosky all took in the fashion label's flouncy pieces. Surprisingly, Jameson wore a demure cardigan to the show, while Cavallari was in danger of exposing her O.C.'s in her low-cut dress."

According to Chris Wilson's "Fashion Buzz":

"ASHANTI caused some front-row clucking when she barreled into the Alvin Valley show late with a burly bodyguard in tow. As if the disruption at the W Hotel on Lexington wasn't bad enough, the R&B songbird's gargantuan goon stood up after the show and inadvertently delivered a sharp elbow to Nashville socialite Elizabeth Scokin as she tried to get around him."

From Fashionweekdaily:

"(Overheard) At Alvin Valley:

"Editor A: 'There are so many socialites in the front row here tonight.'

"Editor B: 'I know. Socialites worship Latin American designers. It adds some cha-cha-cha to Park Avenue.'"

Yesterday on Sirius radio, Howard Stern lamented the fact that his girfriend Beth Ostrosky was doing the rounds at Fashionweek while he had to hit the sack early to be fresh for his radio show. Quoth Marksfriggin:

"He was kind of bummed out because Beth was out doing things last night and he hates to sleep alone. He said he also feels that he's being left out of something that she's enjoying so that doesn't help."

While Howard Stern slept fitfully, dreaming of strippers and cold cuts, Dennis Rodman was copping a cheap feel off Beth O. According to Campbell Robertson:

"We also saw the lovely BETH OSTROSKY (sans HOWARD STERN), who had just come from interviewing DENNIS RODMAN for 'Casino Cinema' on Spike TV.

"'He's a lunatic,' she said, adding that Mr. Rodman had grabbed her rear end. 'I'm not telling Howard.'"

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