Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kissing Karl Lagerfeld


(image via glamourparis)

The clever Faran Krentcil sums up the fashion crowd at yesterday's Patrick McMullen event at the Four Seasons with this bit of cultural anthropology. According to Fashionweekdaily:
"If the fashion world is really just a chicer version of the high school cafeteria, then last night's Patrick McMullan bash was the Cavalli-clad equivalent of a tenth-grade makeout party.

"There were the jocks (Patrick McMullan and his nimble team of photogs), the preppy hot boys (Derek Blasberg, Andrew Saffir), the popular girls (Yoanna House, Olivia Chantecaille), the drama kids (Patrick McDonald, Steven Knoll), and the perky cheerleaders (Maybelline publicists, whose brand hosted the event).

"Each clique showed up to support everyone's favorite shutterbug and his new book, Kiss Kiss, a montage of Manhattan's most glamorous puckering up with each other�our version of a high school yearbook."

Then, Faran, the Fashionworld High's agent provocateur, asked hger classmates who they'd like to kiss if they could. And things got interesting:

"Furrier Dennis Basso was one of many to speculate that Carolina Herrera would be the best kisser in the fashion world. 'I betcha Carolina would give a gorgeous, elegant kiss,' he explained. 'I mean, I think Donna Karan has probably given a few good kisses too, but Carolina�I think the way she carries herself shows she must give a VERY elegant kiss."

We agree. Herrera's older woman hott; Karan's a little, uh -- how does one say it? -- "wierd" for our tastes. (Averted Gaze)

"'Someone wants to kiss ME?!' Herrera asked herself when told her she was the room's Number One Crush. 'Are you serious? Well let's go! Somebody kiss me, I'm ready! But you know, I haven't kissed anyone in fashion, except my daughters. I have to think about this. Whom do I want to kiss? You know, I think the person who is the most fun, with the most sense of humor, the most intelligent, is Karl Lagerfeld. I would absolutely kiss him."

(A considerable pause) But ... wouldn't he taste like horsemeat?

The full Fashionweekdaily article here.

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