Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fashionweek Round Up, Part the Fourth


Jenna Jameson. (image via nymetro)

Here we go again, trolling the web for some tidbits on Fashion Week. Jenna Jameson (above), who recently admitted on the Howard Stern Show of having a fling with Jenny McCarthy, is the new face for Heatherette. According to Chris Wilson's "Fashion Buzz":

"Jenna Jameson has been tapped by Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains to be the face of their forthcoming lingerie line.

"The undisputed queen of porn will be at tonight's hotly anticipated Heatherette show, along with Jennifer Lopez, Debbie Harry, David Hasselhoff(!), Fat Joe, Patty Hearst (her daughter Lydia is walking), Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ja Rule and the Scissor Sisters"

Which begs the question: Would Debbie Harry attend the opening of an envelope? New York Metro's Amy Zalneraitis reports:

"With Max Azaria�s wife Lubov and his daughter Marina (in a white crochet dress, leg warmers and a chocolate-colored beret) taking off their shoes and jumping from bed to bed, the after-party felt more like a French-Moroccan wedding reception than a New York fashion week party. (Refreshing, actually.) Upstairs, meanwhile, Max was still finishing up dinner with celebs like Vivica A. Fox, Ann Hathaway and Mya. No lights, just candles, and everything from the wine glasses to the linens in black. Max eventually made it downstairs and was escorted to a table by the DJ booth with pornstar-turned-entrepreneur Jenna Jameson and supermodel-turned-Surreal Life-star Janice Dickinson. (Both had been cuddled up next to each other in a bed upstairs.)"

(A considerable pause) Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson?!


(image via popwatch)

From Clarissa Cruz of EW's Popwatch:

"True to form, Jacobs fed the hype for his runway show by starting almost two hours late for his 8 p.m. presentation at the Lexington Armory, ensuring that the fashion flock was clamoring to get in. (Or maybe it was the PETA protesters bellowing at those waiting to enter?) In any case, Jacobs' celeb supporters must've been tipped off to the delayed start, as the likes of Naomi Campbell, Serena Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Winona Ryder (pictured with, from left to right, an unidentified guest, Anna Sui, Zoe Cassavetes, and Sofia Coppola) sashayed in just in time."

Also, from LookOnline:

"More observations and trends from the �frontlines� �plaids are all over the place (and perfect timing since the upcoming exhibit at the Met�s Costume Institute is �Anglomania� sponsored by Burberry) ... As for the shows... I must say I was a bit disappointed with Carolina Herrera�s collection. Sure there were some perfectly nice things, but I was not that crazy about the colorful prints, and in a season where it appears that knitwear, coats, and outerwear of all kinds rule the roost, hers somehow missed the mark ... I was not disappointed in Oscar de la Renta�s show (which FYI, started 15 minutes after it was called for. Practically unheard of in fashion circles) ... Betsey Johnson�s upbeat, funky, signature collection was a fun romp. Even the program, (Showbook, �Sweet Betsey��a take of on �Playbill�) was novel and creative ... At the end, Betsey came out with a sign that read, �Grandma to Be� and went over to her daughter Lulu, sitting in the front row and who is obviously expecting very shortly. She then did her trademark cartwheel down the runway to the delight of the audience. Way to go, Grandma!"

From Papermag's Kim Hastreiter:

"... Sunday morning at ten AM I found myself in the meat market in some dark bar looking at HANUK's collection. This is the quirky guy who just won one of the Ecco Domani award. His small collection was just as quirky as he is. I'm not sure what he did with all the money he won ($25,000) but he didn't put it into doing a big collection or doing a great presentation but his clothes were worthy nonetheless. Another small brand we saw this weekend who also won the Ecco Domani award was VENA CAVA who really gave us alot of bang for their buck. They presented a big collection in about six different really cute vignettes. These guys put in big effort. I just wish that the talented Hanuk had put in as much effort because he is really talented and the clothes he did do were interesting and good, but he disappointed me with his slightly half-assed efforts."

And of the fake Paris Hilton (As if there is such a social phenomenon as a "Real" Paris Hilton), says Hollywood.com:

"An imposter pretending to be socialite Paris Hilton has crashed a string of glitzy events at Fashion Week in New York City, even scoring front row seats at designer shows. Natalie Reid, a 21-year-old model and professional look-a-like, tricked representatives of fashion designer Nicole Miller into giving her a prime seat next to rocker David Lee Roth during their fashion show on Friday night. The blonde beauty makes a living impersonating Hilton at corporate functions and parties, earning between $750 and $2,000 an appearance. And Reid, who loves her uncanny resemblance to the hotel heiress, reveals fooling people is effortless. She tells the New York Post, 'I just put on something really cute and put on some make-up. It's so easy.'"

Just like Paris.

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