Monday, February 27, 2006

Kate and Pete: On the DL


Mud as metaphor. (image via getlippy)

On the kaleidescopic conveyor-belt of manwhores that Kate Moss frequents, Pete Doherty is a frequent pit stop. Perhaps the crack he has been known to imbibe has cleverly infused itself onto his own unique biochemistry, thus making him pheromonally addictive to the delicate supermodel known as Coacaine Kate. According to the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld:
"At Thursday's NME Awards Doherty blurted out to the News of the World: 'Yes, I have seen Kate again.'

"The pair were also spotted looking cosy together at the Westbourne pub in London's trendy Notting Hill.

"One onlooker told us: 'Kate and Pete were there together. They looked like an ordinary, happy couple. They were laughing and joking and whispering in each other's ears.

"'There were some friends of Kate with them, but she was only really talking to Pete.

"'She was drinking vodka and tonic and he was drinking bottles of beer.'

"The pub is 32-year-old Kate's local while she is staying with actress pal Davinia Taylor. A source close to the couple said: 'They've met up a few times but have been very careful not to get spotted. They decided to go to that pub because it's the last place anyone would look for them.

"'It's not exactly the trendiest pub around there and they have managed to get away with it ...until now.'"

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