Thursday, February 23, 2006

Joan Rivers: The Show Must Go On


(image via ritztheater)

Ah, showbiz. The principal rule of that Darwinian dog-eat-dog cosmos is: The Show Must go on. Oscar nominated director Paul Haggis, who recently busted his head open on a glass door at the Beverly Hills Hilton, went on -- bandaged -- to do Sunday Morning Shootout (which will air February 26). Now, Joan Rivers. According to Cindy Adams:

"Joan Rivers, who fell down QVC stairs while on-camera and, despite bleeding, stayed on-air, hobbled into 'Forbidden Broadway.' She gave them a one-legged standing ovation."

The real story here is that Rivers actually bleeds. We half expected her to ooze formaldehyde, or some such similar chemical preservative.

As for Joan's "one legged standing ovation," we'll decline comment on the grounds that: It's too easy.

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