Friday, February 10, 2006

Fashion Week, Part Seven


(image via NYMetro)

As anticipation mounts for the Lagerfeld Show, the cacophany of boldface action is coming to a boil. Says NYMetro:

"The door at Nylon�s party at Voula Duval�s new spot Boudoir was so forbidding that Gawker�s shifty shutterbug Nikola Tamindzic couldn�t get in despite the fact that Nylon advertises on the site.

"Luckily his counterpart Merlin Bronques had no trouble. MisShapes DJ Leigh Lezark pumped out everything from Franz Ferdinand to Kelly Clarkson for a crowd that ranged from downtown cool-cats like graphic designer Kenzo Minami (who texted us that the party was a mess) to genuine celbs like Ashley Olson, Nicole Richie and DJ AM, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and Hilary Duff, Nylon covergirl Mena Suvari, and co-host Tasha Tilberg. Book publicist Jessica Pilot who says she also spotted Gisele, Lizzie Grubman, and others didn�t seem too impressed. 'I mean, the waitress was walking around trying to decide who to give a free bottle of champagne too. It was a hit-it-and-quit-it type of party.'"

And, from our pal -- and former boss -- David Hershkovits of PaperBlog:

"Sometimes I'm so blase it takes a few days for some things to sink in. Like the other nght after the Heatherette show at the tents in Bryant Park, I went to a backstage area hosted by W Hotels of the Starwood Group, which was showcasing Aloft, their new low cost entry into the chic hotel sweepstakes. While conversing with Alan Cummings about an upcoming feature in Paper we had recently shot, I was interrupted to meet Jenna Jameson (see Kim Hastreiter's account with photo on Fashion Schmashion), who was delightful in a low cut Heatherette. Amid praise for Paper for being the first consumer publication to feature her on the cover, I was distracted by some loud chattering going on in a corner that turned out to be Janice Dickinson whom I had recently seen -- and loved -- in Larry Clark's new movie Wassup Rockers. As her back was turned to me, I chirped 'excuse me.' Without missing a beat, she turned and made a b-line directly to me, not with her body mind you, but with her LIPS which she proceeded to firmly plant on my own."

According to the necessary Fashionweekdaily:

"Donatella Versace showed New York exactly how to throw a party when she-celebrated the reopening of her Fifth Avenue flagship store Tuesday night. Jennifer Lopez inevitably caused a frenzy when she arrived ... The evening ended�where else?�at Bungalow 8, where the Olsen twins lit sparklers at 2:15 A.M. "

According to Marilyn Kirschner at LookOnline:

"Gilles Mendel had the misfortune of scheduling his J. Mendel show at 10AM at the Bryant Park Tents, and I say �misfortune�, because at 9AM, the editors� darlings, Proenza Shouler, presented THEIR collection all the way across town and downtown at Milk Studios�So, needless to say, the show not only started late, but there were plenty of empty seats to fill in at the last moment. However, because Gilles is such a favorite with the social set (and so adorable), uptown swells like Renee Rockefeller and Lauren DuPont, were there front row center to get a look at what they will be buying (or is it, �borrowing�) come next fall."

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